India’s Gold Obsession

This is a story I did for BBC TV a few years back with my wife, Anu. It’s about India’s voracious appetite for gold. The piece is as timely today as gold imports continue to skew the country’s trade deficit and gold investment locks up ever more precious capital. In July alone India’s gold imports amounted to $2.9 billion (Source: Reuters). That figure seems likely to rise in the coming months (despite government/central bank intervention) Read the full article…

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Interview with NPR’s “Crime in the City”

Here’s a link to National Public Radio’s segment on the Vish Puri novels: It aired on Morning Edition.

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NPR “Crime in the City” Feature

National Public Radio in the US is airing a ten minute segment on me and Vish Puri today (Thursday August 28th) at 0650 and 0850 Eastern Standard Time (that’s 1150 and 1250 GMT).  I’ll be sure to post a link later in the day, but if you’re outside of the USA and want to listen as the piece goes to air, here’s the link:  

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How Indian Pulp Fiction Got Respectable -The Times

Published by The Times on June 15, 2013 HOW INDIA’S PULP FICTION GOT RESPECTABLE “I am like Colgate: a reliable brand name,” beams Surender Mohan Pathak over a large “peg” of acrid Indian whisky in the bar of the Delhi Press Club. The self-proclaimed grandmaster of Hindi crime fiction has written 250 novels and boasts sales of 25 million. Yet not one of the 73-year-old’s novels has ever been reviewed. The reason, he says, has Read the full article…

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The Readers Podcast

The brilliant Simon and Gav, otherwise known as “The Readers”, interviewed me for their Book Based Banter Book Club podcast.  They discuss “The Case of the Missing Servant” (Vish Puri #1) before the interview and I think they got it spot on. You can listen here.

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Case Closed

One of the most satisfying parts of the writing process is getting a finished manuscript bound. It makes the whole process feel worthwhile! I get mine done in Delhi in leather with gold emboss. The lettering’s stamped by hand and, to be honest, it’s all a bit wonky, but then that’s part of the charm. This is a bound copy of the first draft of ‘The Case of the Love Commandos’ (to be published Oct Read the full article…

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Bush Shirts and Safaris Clarified

Just came across this photo while sorting through my archive.  It’s of one of the notices I found pinned to the board in the  lobby of the Delhi Gymkhana Club in 2006.  I later quoted it verbatim in Vish Puri No.1, The Case of the Missing Servant. I’m still not quite clear what a Bush shirt is. If anyone’e got any examples or know where to get one, do let me know!

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Postcard from the Kumbh

It was 5.30 am. I was standing in the middle of the largest gathering of humanity ever witnessed on the planet. Around me in a surreal half-light cast by rows of overhead halogen lights, millions upon millions of pilgrims were filing past in a remarkably quiet and orderly fashion – a vast multitude that made the crowds of Times Square seem positively puny. It was Friday February 14th, one of the most auspicious days of Read the full article…

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As is befitting at the launch of any new enterprise here in India, I’m hanging a string of lemon and green chillies – a totka – on my new web site and blog. Hopefully they’ll satisfy the desire of Alakshmi, the goddess of misfortune, who is said to have a weakness for sour and pungent things, and she’ll refrain from entering the site. As she’s described as being ‘antelope-footed’, ‘bull-toothed’ and – surely worst of Read the full article…

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