Bush Shirts and Safaris Clarified

Just came across this photo while sorting through my archive.  It’s of one of the notices I found pinned to the board in the  lobby of the Delhi Gymkhana Club in 2006.  I later quoted it verbatim in Vish Puri No.1, The Case of the Missing Servant. I’m still not quite clear what a Bush shirt is. If anyone’e got any examples or know where to get one, do let me know!

A notice I cam across in the Gymkhana Club lobby, Delhi and used verbatim in The Case of the Missing Servant

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  1. Ravinder March 31, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    A “bush” shirt in the Indian context is a shirt with short sleeves – typically stopping above the elbows. A formal one would have only one pocket on the left side.

    A safari is also typically a bush shirt, but one which may be made of a thicker cotton material, and would also have two pockets, preferably with flaps

    Hope this helps too:


    and you can buy some from here …


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