Trip Fiction LOVES Love Commandos

A lovely review of The Case of the Love Commandos (Vish Puri4) on the brilliant TripFiction. “I get very excited when a new mystery comes out,” writes Tanya, the reviewer, who admits she’s a huge fan. Good on her! Read the full version here.


My Dad’s Autobiography

I’m proud to announce the publication of my father’s memoir, “An English Baby Boomer My Life and Times”. Call me bias, but I’ve found it to be a very insightful and often amusing social commentary on the post-war years. Dad, born in 1947, grew up first in South Africa and Germany before being sent off to a British boarding school at the age of seven. The Britain he describes hardly exists anymore, and his recollections of the attitudes of his parents, grandparents and peers serve as a stark reminder of just how fundamentally attitudes have changed (mostly for the better). Dad went on to the public school, Marlborough, which is about as posh as it gets. But he broke the […]


Thoughtful Review of LCs

Here’s a very thoughtful review of The Case of the Love Commandos in The Telegraph in Kolkata. Do Indian book reviewers suffer from xenophobia, asks Devapria Roy? She put herself to the test by reading my book.   DIY PUBLISHING


Kashmir Gastronomical Adventure

Late last year I took my family up to Srinagar, Kashmir to attend a three-day wedding. Our hosts were old friends and it was lovely to spend time with them. But the trip also helped me realise a long-held ambition: to eat a full Wazwaan meal. Kashmiri food is some of my favourite. A little heavy for some perhaps – you’ve certainly got to enjoy your meat! – but absolutely delicious. You can read my article in National Geographic Traveller India about the King’s Feast here.  


Radfoot Strongdoctor

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