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My piece on my relationship(s) with Delhi will appear in the January issue of National Geographic Traveller UK. You can read it in advance here. Otherwise here’s the text: When I was posted to Delhi in the mid-1990s it was a sleepy, parochial backwater.  There were no imported cars, and the Ambassador, which was modelled on the post-war Oxford Morris, still ruled the roads.  Non-Indian restaurants were few and far between.  If you wanted a change from chicken tikka and dosas, you invariably ended up in one of the luxury hotels, or Rodeo, a Mexican joint where the Indian waiters were an incongruous site in Stetsons and the enchiladas were essentially rotis rolled into wraps.  The city’s cultural life was equally […]


Scents, sights and sounds of South Asia

Here’s a link for a blog post I wrote for BOOKANISTA about what it was like arriving in South Asia for the first time.  The post also includes my favourite ten travel books on India.  The list includes Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Tahir Shah, Maximum City by Sukhetu Mehta and Chasing the Monsoon by Alexander Frater.  You can read the full piece here.


Lovely Review of Love Commandos on Bookbag

“There’s a real feel of India – the heat, the stark contrasts between the rich and the poor, the politics and particularly for the way that the poor are exploited at every turn. You have a sense of being in the middle of it all and I struggle to think of any popular fiction which does this quite so well.”  Read the full review on BOOKBAG here.  


The Case of the Love Commandos (Vish Puri #4) is published today in the UK

The Case of the Love Commandos (Vish Puri #4) is published today in the UK.  It’s available on Kindle and in paperback here. The US edition came out on Tuesday.  Publishers Weekly chose the book as a Best New Books for the Week, calling it ‘thought-provoking and charming.”  You can read more here. You can also learn more about Vish Puri’s India at his new blog:


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